As the Pastors and Members of this organization, we openly confess that the issue of today's church is spiritual health, not church growth.  We believe that if you have a healthy church, growth will naturally come.


At Believers International Church our main focus is not the building of an edifice or how many church programs we can come up with.  Our main focus is on the importance of building up people and providing a solid biblical foundation for them to stand on.


It is our belief that if we put more of time and and efforts into building Gods people according to the Word of God, God will build his church by adding to the church daily and such as should be saved (Acts 2:47)


Believers International Church has exploded with a diverseness of ministries.  Each week at Believers International Church you will find Spirit Filled Believers, hungry after God and his presence gathering together to grow in word, encourage one another and see the Super -Natural manifestation of Gods healing and deliverance.


Statements we often hear as people attend our power-packed, anointed services are "The presence of God is here" and Wow, God is awesome in this place!"


We are striving to be an Acts church in these contemporary times, fulfilling the request of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We do it with reverence, yet in a way which taps into the supernatural power of God.  


If you are looking for a bible based, spirit filled, Charismatic church with a vision, purpose, and the Genuine Agape Love of God, then you are looking for Believer's International Church.


On behalf of Apostle Michael & Pastor Wanda Horne, we would like to extend a warm welcome and invite you to explore the many facets of the Believers International Church.