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Apostle Michael Horne and Prophetess Wanda Swift-Horne have been pastoring Believers International Church since its inception in 2010. They are passionate about apostolic/prophetic ministry through ushering the glory of God and demonstrating the power of God.


They developed their spiritual gifting under the prophetic ministry of the late John Paul Jackson at Streams Ministries. Being master dream interpreters for over 20 years, they have interpreted the dreams of thousands all across the nation by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through their prophetic school Nataph, they teach people the art of hearing the voice of God, the art of prophetic utterance, the art of dream interpretation, and the art of spiritual warfare.


They are under the spiritual covering of Apostle Urban Brown and Prophetess Joyce Brown of Life in Christ Family Church where they served as youth pastors. It is their aim to teach people how to walk in the genuine agape love of God and advance the Kingdom of God on the earth.

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