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Apostle Michael Horne

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Apostle Michael Horne an anointed preacher, speaker and teacher of God's word is a native of Heidelberg, Mississippi.  He is a man after God's heart that has been chosen, anointed and appointed for this generation. He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Believer's International Church, a Five Fold Prophetic/Apostolic Ministry that is filled with the power and glory of God.


When you intertwine that words apostle, prophet, entrepreneur, author and "kingdom motivator", there is one person who comes to mind, Apostle Michael Horne.  He is a multi-gifted, prophetically mantled power house. Apostle Michael Horne has travelled throughout the United States ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. His gifting is far beyond measures that go hand and hand with his business ventures and ministry endeavors.  He has ministered at youth conferences, Prophetic Chambers, Juvenile Centers, and other Church assemblies.


God uses this vessel of honor with many gifts in the Spirit realm that unlocks the mysteries of Jesus Christ in the lives of individuals, catapulting them to new dimensions in the atmospheric realm of God. Through their prophetic school Nataph, he and his wife function together as a team bringing forth the unveiling of God's mysteries and revelation by way of prophetic dream interpretation. You will be enlightened as they flow in the prophetic anointing under the unction of the Holy Spirit in the area of dream interpretation just as Daniel and Joseph did. They are used of the Holy Spirit to bring about clarity, deliverance and a prophetic rhema word from God that will illuminate cloudy, dark dreams and situations that people are facing.  


Giving all honor and glory to God, Apostle Horne had the opportunity to attend Streams Ministry International Prophetic School under the tutelage of John Paul Jackson in which he received a great prophetic impartation; he also served as a youth pastor for 12 years and attended the Art Institute of Houston. As a professional chef, he enjoys cooking in his spare time. He is under the Apostolic covering of Apostle Urban and Prophetess Joyce Brown.


Apostle Michael Horne is a loving, caring husband father who currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife and four children.

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